jammin' with God 

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Intro & Jam#1                       
    "Who is God?"

      "jammin' Basics"
                                                 (featuring renowned jazz pianist, Xavier Davis)
     "Renaissance Baby"         
                                                 (featuring composer/performer, Jimmy Fedd)
      "Amazing Grace Notes"
                                                 (featuring composer/performer, Jimmy Fedd)
    "Pendulum Swing"
                                                  (featuring pianist/writer, Mark Paulson)
   "The Science of Art"
                                                  (featuring renowned cellist/composer, Paul Avgerinos)
    "The Art of Science"
                                                  (featuring renowned jazz pianist, Xavier Davis)
    "Time Keeping... Faith Peeping"

    "Jesus never had a Hit Single"
These audio files are part of a complete work called;   jammin' with God.
Now please understand that jammin' is much more that just a musical term.  Think of it, this way.  Paul says in 1 Thessalonians 5:17 we should, "...pray without ceasing."  Well, consider your walk with the Lord as one long, never-ending jam session, where everything you do, all you experience... every moment of your life, is part of the music you're making with Him.  Is this really possible?

It is... if you ask God to show you how.  It is... if you invite Him into all you experience.  It is... if you live with the attitude that prayer is not a singular moment or event you experience throughout your days... but rather, a constant open line of communication that we share with our loving Father. 

Then, when we find ourselves "disconnected", we can learn to see these times as the passing moments.  When we see life in Christ, this way, then suddenly we can understand how it's possible to "pray without ceasing."

Soon, all eighteen jams, (chapters), will be made available in download-able form.  Then more jams will follow;  composed and narrated by key speakers and musicians, sharing their own personal insights and words of inspiration.

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(All jams performed and written by Pete Caputo, unless otherwise noted.)


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