jammin' with God 

jammin' with God is a ministry idea of Pete Caputo.  The idea is simple.  Just like in the world of music, it's about coming together, unrehearsed and without pretense, to create something new and meaningful to those participating.  "jammin' with God" is all about developing a meaningful, on-going and real prayer life and relationship with the one who changes everything.

To bring people closer to God through a new publishing format, based on a hybrid of spoken word and music.  To give busy people new ways to learn how to "stay connected" to God.

To produce audio narratives, (jams), given by key figures and accomplished experts, whom will be able to convey their own abbreviated nuggets of truth and inspiration, made available in "download-able" form.  Customized music and sound backgrounds are used to enhance and highlight key points and phrases. 

All jams are written and performed with a Christian worldview, and with the sole purpose of pointing us all back to biblical answers and insights.

Pete Caputo is a singer/song-writer and novelist, living in the shadows of New York City.  He attends The Life Christian Church, where it is part of their music ministry.  Pete is also part of various other ministries at TLCC, where the Gospel of Jesus Christ is preached and practiced.  He is married and has 3 wonderful children.

jammin'withGod.com is an independently owned and operated publishing company.  To find out more,


photos by SondraP

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