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You are awesome!  And God really wants to jam with you!

So what is "jammin' with God"?  Simply put, it's about living a life where God is part of everything you do... and everything you want to do.  

Here we learn how to "pray without ceasing", like Paul wrote, in 1 Thessalonians 5:17.    Because whether or not your eyes are closed... your heart should always be open.

Exciting NEWS:  Pastor Terry A. Smith's book "Live 10" was released nationally by Thomas Nelson publishers on October 1, 2013!  As a result, an EP was made available that included Pete Caputo's song, "ROUND TUIT".  You can also hear this song and others at iTunes.
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In "jammin' y'r DAILY BREAD", we study the ways of Christ and how He spoke to the Father as He walked the earth.  This relationship is ours to enjoy, as well, if we ask for it. It's a journey into the word of God to look at other characters in the bible as well... to see Christ revealed in their works, their motives and their hearts.

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